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Key Lime | Silver Sunrise |Bakery| Cakes | Carrollton TX


Key Lime Bubble Bundt Cake

Key Lime Bubble Bundt

Key Lime

The prominent flavors are immensely sweet, then tart, with a subtle hint of coconut coming through in the end.   A moist white cake base is combined with sweet condensed milk, freshly squeezed lime juice (and whatever lime pulp falls in when we squeeze!), eggs whipped until light and fluffy, a couple drops of coconut extract and a few other secret ingrediants, then baked until a light golden brown.  When cooled, we drizzle with a lime glaze that is enhanced with more fresh squeezed lime juice for a bit more tart zing, then top it with a dollop of vanilla cream cheese so the last tasty bite ends sweetly!   Available in Bitty Bundts, Bubble Bundts and Big Ol’ Bundts (sizes: 8” & 10).

Silver Sunrise Bubble Bundt

Silver Sunrise

This is our first “Adult Only” Bundt cake…  We love dreaming up new flavors to tickle our customer’s taste buds so when we recently tried a cocktail that combined citrus and rum, well, the light bulb in our brain lit up like a pinball machine!  We start with our basic orange dream cake recipe and incorporate diced cherries and spiced rum and bake to a golden orange.  While still warm, we drizzle with our Key Lime glaze and allow to cool completely before topping with a coconut rum cream cheese frosting.  It’s adults only for this decadent cake because although most of the spiced rum bakes out of the batter, the coconut rum that we add to the cream cheese frosting does not!  While this taste sensation won’t get you drunk, it will make visions of a clear blue ocean with white sandy beaches dance through your head!

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